Posted April 2018

Leica II – First roll


I got a Leica II a little while back. I’ll certainly get back to this little camera in due time, but for now some first impressions will have to do. I put together a small post over on 35mmc.

…I worried that using the old camera would feel too convoluted to be enjoyable, but walking around shooting the tiny thing I enjoyed myself immensely. It’s a change of pace to what I’m used to, but in the best way imaginable.

Practically every function of the camera is separated from anything else which leads to a very involved shooting experience. Still as there’s not a single required order to do things in, it ends up feeling a little more improvisational than with a more streamlined camera. There’s a bit more work to set up the camera, but once done it’s actually really quick to shoot. It feels great to use and I imagine it had to be a real revelation 88 years ago…

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First impressions on the Leica II



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