Posted April, 2015

Fuji X100T in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden


We recently visited New York City. Before the trip I decided to get the X100T. I’ve been feeling a bit of a gap in my set up since selling the X100S last year. The S was a wonderful camera to shoot, albeit with a number of annoying issues that prevented me from fully bonding with it.

With the update to the T I feel that most of these issues have been addressed. After the week in NYC I feel very satisfied with the camera. The excellent shooting experience remains, but is even further refined.

Many of the shots I was the happiest with was made at the Brooklyn Bothanic Garden – a place well worth a visit if you have the opportunity. I especially enjoyed the conservatories.

There’s something very soothing about conservatories, all those things growing, the warm & humid air. The mix of the natural and the artificial makes for an interesting combination, intellectually as well as visually. I really enjoyed the comfortably worn in feel of the place, it was obvious that the plants had been there a while and that the buildings themselves wasn’t brand new. A slight overcast and dirty windows gave the light a pleasant diffused quality.


I've written an editorial on the X100T:
Fuji X100T – The Current Peak of Continuous Improvements



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