EditorialPosted January, 2016

Birth of a daughter



Just over five months ago we delivered our firstborn. Something as life changing and amazing as this can’t be summed up in words, and even then this would probably not be the place for it. All I’ll say is that it was an experience unlike anything and that in the months that has passed since, she have delighted us in more ways than I would’ve ever thought possible. Well that and gone through diapers at an impressive rate.

There are two things I wanted to touch on quickly here.

Firstly I of course photographed the occasion. Few other images I’ve taken have been cherished as much as these. We’ve already looked through them several times since time passes so quickly, but also to remember the event itself, because it went by so fast for us.

I feel that most of the photos are rather precious and personal, and for us and our closest family and friends to enjoy. But I wanted to share a few of them, as well as discuss a bit what camera I chose for the occasion and why.

What camera to bring actually turned out to be a pretty easy decision. I obviously wanted something with good image quality and transparent handling. I wasn’t sure about the quality and quantity of light. I also wanted to have some automation to make it as easy as possible to keep my attention in the moment as much as possible. All things pointing to the X100T.

I feel good about the decision & couldn't be happier with the results. The X100T has once again proven to be one of the most well handling cameras I have, and that it can make high quality photos in even the most challenging and lowest of light. The reliable autofocus, exposure and white balance, as well as the new and improved finder and high resolution LCD all comes together to make it hard to beat when it comes to getting good results reliably.

As an aside – I also brought the RX100, more or less as a backup, but ended up not using it at all.

The second thing I wanted to bring up is probably already obvious – there will be another, tiny person appearing on photos around this site from time to time. I'll probably take photos of her on a daily basis since I can't believe how fast she's growing. In any case, now you all know her as my amazing daughter.



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All photos were shot using the Fuji X100T & processed using Lightroom.